Mission Statement

The Lovespoon Gallery exists to bring together the work of the real lovespoon carvers and the general public.

The Lovespoon Gallery does this with a difference.

We do not influence their work. Our purpose is to be “a window” on what would be happening with the Welsh Lovespoon Tradition even if it had not gained any attention from the outside world, as it has for the last 400 years.

Our purpose is to provide customers with the highest quality to enable them to buy with confidence. Our lovespoons are bought for every occasion, as well as by collectors and Welsh businesses as corporate gifts.  At least 75% of our customers are local people. We explain and help to pass on our knowledge to as many as possible to enable the wider world to enjoy and appreciate this lovely traditional artform.

We are here to give very welcome visitors an opportunity to see and experience part of the fabric of Welsh life and to see authentic Welsh love spoons.

The Lovespoon Gallery exists to be an outlet for the wonderful Welsh carvers, many of whom would not normally make their work available to the public. They are the artists who make The Lovespoon Gallery what it is.